About us

Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., is a quality manufacturers of Powder Coating and Industrial Paints offers best in class products through the premier brand ‘Tamiras Powder Coatings’. Today, Aarika Industries Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading powder coating company, offering quality and protective coating solutions to diverse industries and powder coating units.


What We Do

Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., with over a decade of experience, We are specialized in manufacturing of superior quality Powder Coating Paints. With a vast experience and being well conversant in the powder coating industry, all our products are developed with consumer perspective's. We are providing our customers with all types of thermosetting powder coatings which includes Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyesters (Hybrid), Pure Polyesters, TGIC free Polyesters, Super Durable Powder Coatings, Functionality Coatings, Architectural, ROHS Powders, Clears, Primers and more.


We are one of the renowned and comprehensive manufacturers of Thermosetting powder coating powders in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with best in class lab facilities,storage facilities and easy to reach dealer networks spread across all over india to ensure better services all the time

We are well-equipped with all latest technology lab equipments, like Conical bend, Impact Tester, TQC Gloss-O-Meter, Positector Thickness Gauge, Particle size analyzer that are capable to deliver the products precisely conforming to all International standards like ASTM, ISO etc.



Points to be remember before powder coating.

  • Make sure the powder coating substrate is free from oil, dust, welding & oxide scales (corrosion).
  • Set up the powder coating gun parameters i.e., earth, airflow, voltage as recommended, this may vary depending upon the coating products.
  • Worn out of venturi tubes, may affect your powder flow, replace as per the recommendations by gun manufacturer.


Want to develop customized colours with minimal quantity?