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What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an exciting and unique method for finishing products as well as surfaces through the application of tiny dry particles.

How durable is powder and how many types are there?

One of the best things about powder coating is that it is incredibly durable and strong. It withstands toughest climatic conditions, keeping its original polished look.

There are various types of powders; each has its own strengths as well as weaknesses. Outdoor and indoor powders are two major categories.

Indoor powders, as the name implies, are related with indoor use. Scratching, Chipping, and day-to-day wear and tear do no harm to indoor powders. Tamiras Powder Coatings offers indoor powder coating in a variety of specialized mixtures, enabling a custom balance between endurance and many unique texturised looks.

Outdoor powders are used in outdoors, and withstand rain, heat, snow, cold as well as ultraviolet rays. Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., provides outdoor powder coating with enduring rust tolerant qualities, thus safeguarding the parts/surfaces’ intended look and feel.

What kind of products can be powder coated?

Usually the Components that made of Mild Steel (MS), Casting Components, Aluminium are the major consumers of Powder Coating Products, we have highlighted some consuming industries for your understanding here : Solar Inverter UPS, Automotive Spares, Steel Furniture items, Tools and Machinery equipment, Wind Turbines, Elevators (Lifts), Electrical Panel Boards, Home Appliances, Industrial Vacuums, Aluminium sheets and products, Agricultural Equipment, Steel Fabricators, Electrical Light Fixtures, Bicycles etc.,

What choice of colours do you have?

Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., offers hundreds of colour options for our customers to choose from, including high, semi, and low gloss, metallic as well as clear coats. We also provide custom colours and colour matching based on your unique needs.

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